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 Being among 7 sanitation sub-projects (under Component 1B) of the Vietnam Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Project, Dong Ha Drainage and Wastewater Collection and Treatment Sub-project has the total investment value of USD 17.054 million financed by the WB and Vietnamese counterpart Fund with the following objectives:

1)   Construction of a storm water drainage system and neutralization lakes to solve the flooding situation in rainy season in some downtown wards of Dong Ha city: a) Building and completion of the primary and secondary sewerage systems in the city central areas; b) Construction and completion of the tertiary network in the downtown wards and a part of Dong Le ward and Ward 3; c) Dredging and rehabilitation of the lake in Nguyen Hue Park, Khe San lake, and Dai An Lake; d) Embankment of Con River for the section from Khoa Bao bridge to Hieu River;
2)   Construction of a wastewater collection and treatment system in Dong Ha city: a) Interceptor sewers, rising mains and 5 wastewater pumping stations within the area of Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 5, and Dong Le ward; b) A wastewater treatment plant applying biological pond at Dong Le ward with the capacity in Phase I of 5,000 m3/day;

Capacity building for the project management and implementation units.

Description of actual services provided by the company staff within the assignment:
-   Preparation of Project Implementation Plan (PIP);
-   Development of Strategic Sanitation and Drainage Plan for Dong Ha city;
-   Updating of Feasibility Study and Basic Design, and other related reports, namely: Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP); Development of Environmental Management Plan (EMP);
-   Engineering Surveys (geotechnical and topographical aspects) serving for Detailed Design;
-   Detailed Engineering Design and Total Cost Estimate;
-  Preparation of Tender Documents for Civil Packages.